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Future of Work and Learning

Education technology transforms how we learn—and in turn, transforms the skills we bring to the workplace. Here’s a look at how education innovation is reshaping what it means to be a professional in the digital age.

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Shaping Careers and Lives: Gallup and 2U Release New Study on the Experiences of Boot Camp Graduates

The report, Finding New Career Paths: Gaining In-Demand Skills and a High Return on Investment, details findings from our third year of research with Gallup. It's centered on understanding the impact of the university boot camps powered by 2U. Learn more.

Jun 9, 2022·David Sutphen


Boot Camp Grads Nearly 4x Happier With Jobs After Graduation

A new Gallup-2U study suggests that boot camp programs have the capacity to deliver on one of the most desired outcomes of higher education: setting students on the path toward a fulfilling career.

Jun 1, 2022·Gallup


Tech Boot Camps Linked to Higher Pay, STEM Jobs for All Grads

A new Gallup-2U study shows all boot camp graduates surveyed reported making more money shortly after graduation than they were earning before–regardless of their race or ethnicity, gender, age, and whether they live in urban or rural areas.

May 10, 2022·Gallup


Study Shows 2U Tech Boot Camp Grads See Quick ROI

Learn more about the major findings from the recent Gallup-2U Boot Camp Graduates Study, which surveyed 3,824 adults in the U.S. who graduated from a 2U-powered university boot camp program between 2016 and 2021.

Apr 26, 2022·Gallup


4 Considerations from HBCU Presidents Carving New Education-to-Career Pathways

Learn how Morehouse College, Paul Quinn College, and Spelman College are reaching more traditional and nontraditional learners through accessible and affordable online programs.

Mar 21, 2022·Maya Evans


Measuring the Impact of Public-Private Partnerships: 3 Lessons Learned by Leaders at Netflix and Norfolk State University

Leaders from Netflix and Norfolk State University share advice based on their experience launching the Netflix Pathways Bootcamp for organizations interested in creating their own public-private partnerships.

Feb 10, 2022·David Sutphen


The Age of Learner-Centricity: 4 Educational Trends Opening Doors to Remarkable Opportunity

Due to the pandemic and rapid pace of technology, learners now increasingly come first in the world of education. At the dawn of this new normal, I see four significant shifts that offer meaningful, transformative opportunities for learners and universities alike.

Jan 28, 2022·Anant Agarwal


The Power of MicroBachelors® Programs: Affordable Access to Career-Relevant Skills Now—and Credit Toward a Full Degree

Learn about these modular and stackable online programs from edX that not only put in-demand skills in the hands of learners quickly, but also bear real college credit along the way.

Jan 19, 2022·Anant Agarwal


How Public-Private Partnerships Like the Netflix Pathways Bootcamp Are Driving DEI Progress in Tech

Learn why leaders at Netflix and Norfolk State University believe public-private partnerships like the Netflix Pathways Bootcamp create powerful opportunities for students and companies alike.

Jan 4, 2022·David Sutphen


4 Digital Transformation Pillars to Help Universities Embrace Change and Accelerate Innovation

In a keynote for this year’s EFMD Global Annual Conference, I encouraged universities to embrace our new normal by developing an intentional digital strategy that minimizes risk, maximizes opportunity, and meets student needs, market demand, and institutional sustainability.

Dec 15, 2021·Nathan Greeno

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