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David Sutphen

Former Chief Strategy & Engagement Officer

David Sutphen was chief strategy and engagement officer at 2U and led 2U’s communications and brand functions, as well as the company’s social impact, strategic partnerships, and D&I efforts. He joined 2U from Brunswick Group, where he was a partner and head of the Washington, DC office.

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Shaping Careers and Lives: Gallup and 2U Release New Study on the Experiences of Boot Camp Graduates

The report, Finding New Career Paths: Gaining In-Demand Skills and a High Return on Investment, details findings from our third year of research with Gallup. It's centered on understanding the impact of the university boot camps powered by 2U. Learn more.

Jun 9, 2022·David Sutphen

Partner Spotlight

This Former Single Mom Went from Waiting Tables in Her Small Town to Writing Code for a Global Robotic Automation Company

Discover how the flexibility and support of the Vanderbilt University Coding Boot Camp helped Kennadee Ray juggle her job at a steakhouse and mom duties with a young toddler—to eventually find personal and professional fulfillment as a digital exchange engineer.

Jun 6, 2022·David Sutphen

Partner Spotlight

How Career Services and Real-World Learning Helped This Boot Camp Grad Pivot from Recruiting to Data on the Cutting Edge at PepsiCo

Discover how former executive recruiter Akibo Watson, after being laid off at the start of the pandemic, leveraged the skills he learned from the Columbia Engineering Data Analytics Boot Camp to launch a new career that’s now taken him to a senior analyst role at PepsiCo.

May 26, 2022·David Sutphen

Partner Spotlight

From Bartender to Ops Engineer: How One Boot Camp Graduate Bounced Back from the Pandemic to Land a Career in the Cloud

Meet Matthew Caspento, whose layoff from cocktail-slinging compelled him to enroll in the Coding Boot Camp at UNC Charlotte. Soon after graduating, his portfolio presentation caught the eye of a VP of engineering through 2U’s Career Services.

May 24, 2022·David Sutphen

Partner Spotlight

With a Coding Boot Camp, This Former Stay-at-Home Mom Proved to Her Family “You Can Reinvent Your Life at Any Time”

After making a big move with her husband and going from retail jobs to banking to full-time stay-at-home mom, hear how Denise Stark discovered all the potential that the University of Denver Coding Boot Camp could unlock for a new and fulfilling career.

May 5, 2022·David Sutphen

Partner Spotlight

Why Universities and Workforce Agencies Are Activating Access Partnerships to Strengthen Regional Economies

Hear from three representatives of our Access Partnerships on how academic institutions, nonprofits, and government agencies are working together to carve more affordable career pathways for diverse learners and meet regional employers’ talent needs.

Mar 2, 2022·David Sutphen


Measuring the Impact of Public-Private Partnerships: 3 Lessons Learned by Leaders at Netflix and Norfolk State University

Leaders from Netflix and Norfolk State University share advice based on their experience launching the Netflix Pathways Bootcamp for organizations interested in creating their own public-private partnerships.

Feb 10, 2022·David Sutphen


How Public-Private Partnerships Like the Netflix Pathways Bootcamp Are Driving DEI Progress in Tech

Learn why leaders at Netflix and Norfolk State University believe public-private partnerships like the Netflix Pathways Bootcamp create powerful opportunities for students and companies alike.

Jan 4, 2022·David Sutphen


2U’s 2020 Transparency Report: A Continued Commitment to Prioritizing Student Success in Everything We Do

We released our second annual Transparency Report about the learning outcomes we deliver in partnership with non-profit universities. Learn why we believe greater transparency matters.

Dec 21, 2021·David Sutphen


5 Ways to Move from Culturally Competent to Culturally Engaged from the Dean of Howard University’s School of Social Work

For my latest episode of EDU: Live, I sat down with Dr. Sandra Crewe to discuss how Howard uniquely prepares its Master of Social Work graduates by integrating the Black Perspective—and how the field must continue to adapt and change to meet the moment.

Nov 1, 2021·David Sutphen