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University of New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire Professional Development & Training creates transformative opportunities through innovative educational programs. In 2017, they added Trilogy-powered boot camps to the dynamic mix of their life-changing offerings.

Realizing the potential.

UNH Professional Development & Training recognizes the critical need for skilled technology professionals. And they realize the great impact that they can have on helping supply this talent.

They partnered with us to quickly multiply that impact in their New England community and beyond. The UNH Coding Boot Camp equips learners with the skills they need to tap into the web development industry. Through a cutting-edge curriculum, skilled instructors, and in-person classroom experience, students get what it takes to set out on a path to tech success.

I’ve been a part of the UNH Coding Boot Camp since launch and, without question, the student outcomes and success have defied my wildest expectations.
— Michael M., Director of Professional Development & Training, UNH

Programs offered.

UNH Coding Boot Camp teaches the core skills needed for in-demand tech careers.

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