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University of Connecticut School of Engineering

University of Connecticut School of Engineering values entrepreneurship and innovation. We share those values. In 2019, they partnered with us to bring coding boot camps to their community.

Realizing the potential.

Ensuring that its home state sustains its position as a leading high tech location. Providing the resources needed to grow as a center of new and evolving tech activity. UConn fulfills these goals by offering high-quality, innovative education and using new knowledge to improve the world.

To continue to contribute to the state’s economic development, they launched a Trilogy-powered coding boot camp that makes it possible for adults from all backgrounds to learn the skills to pivot into high-demand tech roles and create a new pipeline of talent for local businesses.

The UConn Coding Boot Camp has helped students gain valuable and relevant training in web development to meet regional and national employment needs.
— Kylene P., Strategic Initiatives & Professional Ed, School of Engineering

Programs offered.

The UConn coding boot camp helps students develop skills in web development.

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