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Morehouse College

For over 150 years, Morehouse College has built a legacy of excellence by producing remarkable visionaries, many of whom have made a lasting impact on the world. Together, we’re increasing access to Morehouse’s iconic undergraduate experience online.

Realizing the potential.

The nation’s only Historically Black College and University (HBCU) dedicated to the development of men, Morehouse College prepares future leaders to change the world through ethical leadership and empowers them to pursue careers of influence, service, and impact. As the college has grown, so too has the institution’s desire to expand its impact globally and embrace high-quality online education. In 2U, Morehouse has found a digital transformation partner to deliver on its strategic vision.

Morehouse and 2U are working hand-in-hand to make the college’s distinctive undergraduate education possible for more men by launching Morehouse Online, a fully online undergraduate program. The initial Morehouse Online offerings will include degree completion programs, designed for non-traditional students and to serve men who never completed their Morehouse undergraduate degree.

Securing a bachelor’s degree from a highly-respected institution continues to be one of the clearest pathways to career advancement in the U.S. By creating a more flexible and accessible pathway to a high-quality undergraduate degree, Morehouse Online will equip more Black men to pursue leadership positions that drive economic and social change.

This initiative has the potential to deliver the Morehouse experience to countless men who can bring their light to the world.
— David T., President, Morehouse College
Students and professor working on a computer at Morehouse College
Morehouse College students at commencement

Programs offered.

Developed in close collaboration with Morehouse faculty, Morehouse Online will launch in August 2021. For more information on our partnership, read the press release.

Learn more about us.

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