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Georgia Tech Professional Education

As advances in technology reshape entire industries and transform careers, Georgia Tech Professional Education is accommodating the growing need for skills in coding, data science, and more. They partnered with us to offer a suite of boot camps.

Realizing the potential.

Combining dual values of academic rigor and hands-on, practical training, Georgia Tech Professional Education has spent more than 100 years building workplace leaders—the thinkers and problem solvers who inspire and push industries forward.

In 2016, they became one of our early boot camp partners with the launch of a full-stack coding boot camp. Since that time, their boot camps have grown to include several other market-driven tech fields.

Collaborating with 2U allows us to quickly launch programs with high market demand, while still upholding the quality we deliver at Georgia Tech.
— Nelson B., Dean, Georgia Tech Professional Education
Building on the campus of Georgia Tech
The Learning Center building on Georgia Tech's campus

Programs offered.

Georgia Tech Professional Education offers boot camps in coding, data science and analytics, cyber and network security, and more.

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