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Kevin Blemel

Senior Director of Product Accessibility

Kevin leads 2U's accessibility initiative, reframing differences as learning opportunities aligned with our core mission: to enable life-changing educational experiences for more students everywhere. He builds shared understanding to coordinate cross-team efforts to design an effective learning experience and has raised awareness of how decisions can cause exclusion or frustration. By moving from responsive, all-hands-on-deck triage to a strategic commitment to proactive work throughout planning and development process, we distribute responsibility, clarify purpose, reduce cost, and extend the value of increased usability and flexibility to everyone.

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How the Lens of Accessibility Is Helping 2U Transform Higher Education

As 2U’s senior director of product accessibility, I’ve made it my mission to advocate for people of all abilities—helping to lay the groundwork for 2U teams to develop more accessible online educational experiences for students, faculty, and our university partners.

Nov 12, 2021·Kevin Blemel