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10 Pieces of Advice for Starting a New Career at 2U

Written by Bannon Puckett on Dec 20, 2021

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Top row from left: Candice Adderly, Corrine Padilla, Manny Golden, Kathleen Ng. Middle row from left: Leo Martinez Davis, Steven Chavez-Gordy, Kira Lansing. Bottom row from left: Paul Kingston, Shaté Hayes, Jeenie Yoon, Miriah Garnett.

A new year typically marks a time for planning fresh starts: new hobbies to pursue, new adventures to take, new commitments to make with family and friends. For many people, a new year is also a time to consider pivoting to a new career. In fact, that was essentially the case for me this time last year.

If you, too, are considering an opportunity to transform lives and unlock human potential with 2U, here are 10 thoughtful pieces of “candid, honest, and open” advice from those who know the company best: employees themselves. Hopefully you’ll spot a sentiment that resonates with you and tells you yes, you belong here, too—because if you’re reading this article today, my gut is telling me, you do.

Here’s to finding the perfect career fit for you in 2022!

1. "Embrace the company’s Guiding Principles.”

“Incorporate them into your personal brand. Every team and manager has their own unique culture, but we all work hard to build a better future for everyone. So find early on what values drive and motivate you to be the best you can possibly be.”

—Paul Kingston, Director, Finance (Cape Town, South Africa)

2. "Be your authentic self.”

“Working in a fast-paced corporate environment can sometimes be intimidating and can invoke feelings associated with imposter syndrome, resulting in employees—especially those of color—feeling as though they have to assimilate to the majority. While code-switching is a survival mechanism for many of us, it can be stressful and even start to cause identity issues. I would tell a new employee to always find a way to present their true self in interactions and to find a community that supports this.”

—Steven Chavez-Gordy, Manager, New Partner Implementation (Denver, Colorado)

3. "Put your goals out there.”

“I have found it so refreshing to be able to voice my ideas at 2U, and have meaningful acknowledgement and/or change occur as a result. At 2U, your ideas, your drive, and your dreams are always welcomed and—even better—listened to. So don’t be afraid to speak up—there is always someone ready and willing to listen.”

— Miriah Garnett, Graphic Designer (Lanham, Maryland)

4. "Network and build authentic connections.”

“Communication is key. If you are interested in growing within 2U, network with members who are a part of other departments outside of your team, because Relationships Matter. Don’t just focus on your performance, but discover ways to increase your exposure and take on collaborative projects outside the scope of your day-to-day duties.”

—Immanuel “Manny” Golden, Curriculum Engineer (Florida Remote)

5. "Find your community.”

“Whether it’s your team, a group of remote workers, a business resource network, or an informal group of hot-sauce enthusiasts—find your community. They will bring unspeakable joy to your life and make work a more fun place to come to every day.”

—Jeenie Yoon, Course Strategy Manager (Brooklyn, New York)

6. "Do your best work.”

“Get planted so you can develop new relationships. I believe that the work you do in one moment prepares you for the next one, so excellence at every step is a must if you want to go far. I also believe that wherever you’re planted, you will grow. I’ve seen both of these principles work in so many different stages of my life, and it’s exactly what I’d do if I had a new beginning, too.”

—Shaté Hayes, Director, Career Experience and Learning (Georgia Remote)

7. "Don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

“In my experience, people at 2U are always willing to listen and help. During the pandemic, it is difficult to have social interactions in the day-to-day. So be intentional about building relationships via Zoom by placing time on someone's calendar to build connections.”

—Kathleen Ng, People Operations Specialist II (Brooklyn, New York)

8. "Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.”

“Speak up quickly when things do go wrong so corrective action can be taken. As you settle in, remember that you were hired over other candidates because you bring something unique to the table. Don’t hesitate to speak up and innovate.”

—Corrine Padilla, Senior Student Success Manager (Utah Remote)

9. "Look for a mentor.”

“Look for someone who you feel like you can trust and who will be honest with you. The right mentor will create room for you to be your true self in all ways and help you see where you can learn and grow to get to the next exciting iteration of that self.”

—Kira Lansing, Senior Director, Industry Insights and Impact (Georgia Remote)

10. "Stay balanced.”

“It’s hard not to get wrapped up in the day-to-day grind of a fast-growing technology company, but balance your professional and personal time. We have unlimited paid time off (UPTO). Use it.”

—Candice Adderly, Director, Internal Communications and Engagement (Lanham, Maryland)

BONUS ADVICE: “Believe in yourself!”

Bring your skills to the table, and be ready to innovate and navigate daily challenges with a positive attitude. Do this, and you will go far!”

—Leo Martinez Davis, Manager, Graphic Design (Florida Remote)


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