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Tech & Data Science.

Who We Are & What We Do.

Our mission of eliminating the back row in education starts with innovative education technology. Built by our Tech & Data Science teams, our technology is key to how we’re transforming digital higher education. These innovative and diverse teams create the technological infrastructure for customer-centric, scalable tools that distinguish our company and drive our mission forward.

Our Tech & Data Services teams are growing as we build seamless experiences for all stakeholders, and include open roles in Accessibility, Cybersecurity, Data Systems, DevOps, Enterprise Systems, IT infrastructure, Software Engineering, and Product/User Experience.

Man codes on at his stand up desk

How we do it.

Careers on our Tech & Data Science teams are built on the combination of collaboration, innovation, and expertise. Whether our teams are architecting a self-improving backend, creating customized solutions for students and faculty, designing new learning tools, building applicant and data systems, engineering our platform or beyond, we’re working on the cutting edge of education technology. And we’re connected through our shared commitment to create a positive impact on the world.

Woman writing on a digital whiteboard addresses colleagues during a meeting
Team lead addresses colleagues at a meeting

Open Positions.

From app developers and cybersecurity experts to engineers, data scientists, IT professionals, product designers and more, we offer careers that allow you to use your skills to transform digital higher education – and unlock human potential.

What better way to see into the tomorrow of education than by having a hand in building it?
— Ashley B., Senior Vice President, Product Innovation

Where we work.

No matter where we live, we’re always connected by our mission. And the internet. We are tech people, after all.